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We are a membership organisation and part of the Hostelling International network. All HI hostels provide benefits for holders of a valid national youth hostel association card or a HI card. Please note that our prices are for members.

If you are not a member of your national youth hostel association or you do not have a valid HI card you can stay in our youth hostels but you will have to pay approximately 1,5 EUR for each overnight. In return you will get a HI card and for each overnight in any of our youth hostels you will receive a so called welcome stamp that you stick on the given HI card. After collecting 6 welcome stamps on the back of the HI card you have a valid HI card and don't need to pay any extras for your next overnights.

Upon the arrival at the hostel you can choose between collecting welcome stamps or you can purchase our membershp card. In order to provide more benefits for members we have also created co-branded cards that gives you access to many great discounts. For more information about the membership cards we offer please check our membership section.

Prices for membership cards:

  • Hostelling International individual card: 60,00 HRK
    (By collecting 6 welcome stamps, each 10,00 HRK - but you can also purchase at once all 6 stamps)
  • hi.euro - YHA & EYCA cobranded card: 60,00 HRK
    (This is a cobranded card. In one card you will have access to benefits provided for youth hostel and HI cardholders but also for European Youth Card (EYCA) cardholders). This card can be issued to persons up to the age of 30
  • YHA card: 60,00 HRK
    (For persons above the age of 30)
  • KulturHI: 120,00 HRK
    (For persons up to the age of 30. You will receive two cards, hi.euro and Culture card, and save 30,00 HRK compared to purchasing these two cards separately. Next to the HI and EYCA benefits you will be able to use great discounts in many cultural institution in Croatia)
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