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Our youth hostels are primarly used used by youngsters and our main target group are youngsters, but there are no age limits in our youth hostels.
Everyone is most welcomed: individuals, couples, families, small or large groups, universities and schools. This mix of visitors that can be found in our youth hostels is what makes youth hostelling such a unique and interesting experience.

In our youth hostels you will find a unique multicultural environment as most of our guests are foreigners. Therefore, in our hostels you can easily meet other travellers and exchange travel experiences and even make friendships for your lifetime.

All our hostels have to fulfill the Hostelling International Assured Standard Scheme. This means you can rely on a consistent level of services and facilities in our hostels.
CYHA is performing regular inspection programmes and the standards of our hostels are checked. 

Since the foundation of our association in 1953. we have seen many changes and lot of things happening in our country. Still, today more than ever we are dedicated in providing best hospitality, professional but still friendly and informal service, and relaxed atmoshphere in our youth hostels. Our hostel staff is strongly commited to answer the needs of today's travellers and the needs of different groups staying in hostels. This is what we think still remains an important part of the spirit of our hostels and our association. 

What to expect in our youth hostels

Every year we are doing our best according to our financial resources to increase the standards in our youth hostels. We offer more and more private rooms next to the 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-bedded rooms. And more rooms have now en-suite bathrooms. Other rooms share toilet and shower facilities.

If you don't request a private room, suitable for couples or families, you may be sharing a room with travellers you haven't met before. Still, we also try to keep people travelling together in the same room.
Our bedrooms and dormitories are quite simply furnished, having mostly bunk beds and storage space for guest's lagguage.

In all our hostels bedlinen is provided and included in the price. In most hostels towels are available to hire if you didn't bring your own with you. Don't forget to bring your own shampoo as we don't provide them in our bathrooms.

All our hostels are open 24 hours. But some hostels are seasonal hostels (please check the hostel page). 

We expect hostellers to consider and respect other guests and follow the rules of the house. The rules can be found in every room but we try not to have too many rules and regulations but prefer to rely on common-sense of our guests.

Catering - most of our hostels have their own restaurant offer all meals: breakfast, lunch, packed lunch and dinner. Some of our hostels have coffee bars and in every hostel you will find vending machines. For groups staying and particularly working in our hostels (conferences, seminars and trainings) we can provide menues tailored to suit particular requirements and schedule.

Seminar facilities - some of our hostels provide conference facilities for groups. Our hostels are well-suited to hosting training events and outdoor activities. The hostel or our regional booking and sales office can help you find local activity providers if required or arrange local sports facilities. 


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