Good to know!

This number can be reached any time, day or night, regardless of where you are in the Republic of Croatia or in the European Union.

Calls to this number are free of charge.

Calls can be made through all operators and all telephone devices by dialling 112.

In the event of an accident the 112 Centre can be contacted in any one of the following foreign lan-guages:
- English
- German
- Italian
- Hungarian
- Slovakian

CALL 112!

If you need:
- Emergency medical assistance
- The assistance of fire fighters
- The assistance of the police
- The assistance of the Mountain Rescue Service
- The assistance of other emergency services and operative search and rescue forces

If you see:
- a fire,
- spills or leaks of dangerous substances, pollution of drinkable water, streams, rivers, or the sea
- other instances which present a danger to the life and health of people or animals, cultural heritage or the environment.

When you call, pass the following information:
- what happened,
- where it happened,
- when it happened,
- are there any injured persons,
- what the injuries are,
- what assistance is required,
- who is calling.

Fire prevention

Check that you have undertaken all the necessary measures to prevent fire!
Do not throw burning or inflammable objects into the environment!
Observe the signs forbidding the lighting of fires!
Take care that your parked vehicles do not obstruct fire fighting vehicle approaches and access roads.

What should you do in case of fire?
- Immediately notify the fire brigade of the fire on the telephone number 93 or call for assistance on 112!
- Use a hand-held fire extinguisher (if one is available) and only attempt to extinguish the fire if doing so does not endanger you or others
- Notify people in the area about the fire

Non compliance with fire protection regulations will result in the Ministry of Internal Affairs raising a violation report or imposing a fine on the perpetrator.  

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