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Nikola Tesla - Mind From The Future
25.11.2017 - 20.03.2018  Zagreb
Photos by HDLU

Exhibition under the name Nikola Tesla - Mind From The Future will be set up at the Meštrović Pavilion in collaboration with Croatian Association of Fine Artists (HDLU); the two doyens of science and art will be reunited thereat. The great Meštrović will welcome Tesla at the spectacle that will surely bear the title of the year’s top science and art event.

It is not necessary to particularly highlight the interest for Nikola Tesla, and this exhibition, organised in collaboration of partners and sponsors and presented superbly by REAL GROUP and HDLU, will be a sensation in the region and Europe in terms of production and art.

This experiential futuristic spectacle, modelled on the vision of Nikola Tesla, presents a ten-year authorial work of world-renowned, award-winning author Helena Bulaja Madunić, as well as the group of international artists who operate on the field of synergy of science and art by merging film, animation, video art and technical innovation.


“Immersed into the magical world of the genius Nikola Tesla, by merging the elements of a ‘live’ film, video set design, computer game, and magical hologram and light adventure into a unique multimedia experience of extended reality, with this exhibition we seek to take you on a contemplative ‘journey’ without beginning or end, through a process of inspiration, creativity and production.”

Helena Bulaja Madunić, exhibition author

The exhibition will premiere in Zagreb, and will continue to tour the cities in which Nikola Tesla has left the deepest mark: Prag, Paris, Budapest, Dubai and New York. 


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