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Pannonian Challenge 18.
Skateboarding, BMX and InLine contest
07.06.2017 - 11.06.2017  Osijek
Pannonian Challenge

Pannonian Challenge is biggest extreme sports competition in Croatia and this year it is 18th edition of this event. Over the years inline vskating, bmx and skateboarding have become popular sports among young people.

Popularity of this contest has grown with each year and became more than just a competition.

During Pannonian Challenge various exhibitions, performances,  musical concerts and video projections will take place which only confirms cultural significance of this event.

Pannonian Challenge is taking place in Osijek, in Slavonia region, and consists of several sport disciplines : MTB 4X, BMX dirt session, inline skating and skateboarding. Inline skating and skateborading contest will take place in Osijek skate park while MTB4X and BMX dirt session will be organised in forest on left bank of Drava river.

This event is sponsored by City of Osijek.

More information you can find on official web page.

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