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Visualia Festival
21.09.2017 - 23.09.2017  Pula
Photos by Visualia Festival

Visualia Festival is a cultural event and a regular part of a year-long cultural programme designed and implemented by Sonitus Association. 

Festival started its tradition in 2013, with a sustainable presentation of modern works in the field of audiovisual art the goal of which is to cancel the borders between historical and modern achievements and to present the results of such fusion through different frameworks that will offer unforgettable memories, emotions and new experience to visitors. 


Visualia’s programme consists of goals focused on: investment and research of new media and modern technology by organising events, educations and other activities, creation of its own artistic production based on research results and distribution, which serves to promote audiovisual, visual and performative arts and create new cultural trends. 

Considering that the number of visitors rapidly grows, Visualia aims to stand equally proud with similar world-renowned festivals. It is noteworthy that Visualia encourages home production of young creative people, it is open to new forms of artistic expression and is always eager to embrace new technological challenges.

 Festival will be held from 21st to 23th of September.


For additional information about program and locations please visit official web page.

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