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An Overview of the Youth Hostel Zadar
We would like to share with you some comments we received from a guest who has become a very good friend of our YH Zadar. Here's what Robert, an experience traveler and a hosteler, says about his YH Zadar experience.

"Having travelled to all seven continents, I know that there are hostels and there are hostels and one of the very best must be the Omladinski Hostel in Zadar to which I have been coming for the past five years.
The approach of the staff, a good mix of young and mature people, lead so ably by Irena the manager, is to let young people be themselves so much so that the hostel is no longer a hostel but a thriving Youth Hotel, which is open 24/7. So there are no lockouts and no curfews, yes that is right no Lockouts and no Curfews.
So having been coming here for five years I have noticed the steady changes with this year heralding a spectacular refurbishment, which has seen the protective wall being removed from around the hostel so that the inside has been opened up to the outside and the outside to the inside giving a splendid view of the yachting marina and surrounding area with its rocky seashore, together with raising the curiousity of those outside to come and see what is going on inside, being a wonderful addition to the area.

YH Zadar&Marina
The wonderful view of the Marina from the YH Zadar 
The hostel now has many rooms with shower and toilet ensuite, great for us all but especially for families and those who need invalid access. As one hosteller said, Tom being an interior designer from Belgium, it was so chic looking like a boutique hotel from the outside that I left the campsite to come and stay here. Where else would you find a boutique hotel at hostel prices?
Another great joy is the mix of people staying at the hostel, whether it is individual travellers, youth groups like the Karate Group from Zagreb who are great ambassadors for the future of Croatia, the children from the German orphange, the group of French families all wearing turquoise T shirts so that they can always see each other in a crowd, the group from the Croatian / Hungarian border visiting their Croatian Homeland or the Youth Section of the Peasant Party holding their annual convention here, making the hostel once again a great international meeting place for people from around the world showing such wonderful diversity.

Musical group in YH Zadar
Morning sounds in the YH Zadar - rehearsal of a musical group 
So the hostel is at the forefront of change here in Croatia leaping into the twenty first century, being the model for International Youth Hostelling world wide and a really good example of Croatia's drive, energy and sophistication as it moves forward into an interesting and exciting future. Please come and see the vision, the enterprise and the committment that is here.
However, the most significant change for me has been the sun drenched patio area with its fashionable outdoor furniture and bar making for a really great communal space where you can relax all day and party until midnight before going off into town to continue the party.
So a very special thank you to Irena and all the staff behind the scenes and the front of house staff Johnny, Marin, Carlo, Filip, Ivanka, Pasta, Goran, Marko and Josip who have all worked so hard to make a great hostel where young people can relax, be themselves, be safe and have fun, which is why I keep coming back to see what has become my Croatian Family."

Robert Ridyard, London

Robert and guests of YH Zadar

Here's another comment we received for our YH Zadar

I just wanted to say thanks so much to all of you (Filip, Goran, Marko, Ante and everyone else) for your kind hospitality. It really was a pleasure meeting all of you and chatting, especially about your wonderful country.

We thoroughly enjoyed it there. And thanks so much for sharing the girls with us. Don't tell them this but we preferred your company - your great stories and laughter were hard to beat. I did try using the e-mail addresses I had for Filip and Goran but had a problem.

If you are interested in some of the pictures of your region check out www.dunks.smugmug.com and go to PLACES, then at the bottom CROATIA. We had a great time buzzing around the countryside/mountains before we left. Chris especially enjoyed it as he had never driven a stick-shift before so playing "Mario Andretti" on the windy roads was a blast for him.
Also if you go to SAILING on the site and to the bottom album you will see some of the photos of the sailing and opening ceremonies there.
Please let me know when you are coming to Nassau and we will definitely meet up with you - show you around and introduce you to the locals - fun-loving people.
Stay cool and keep in touch.
Best regards,
Robert Dunkley

Robert, Zadar

Youth Hostel Zadar
Youth Hostel Zadar main building

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