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Destination of the month (2): Israel
Uncover the History of Israel

A small and magical country, Israel offers a rich, fascinating cultural experience with wonderful history combined with beautiful landscapes and great weather all year round.


Galilee, a mountainous region located in the north of Israel, is one of the country’s main tourist destinations.

This interesting area offers dozens of touring and entertainment options. There are national parks; beautiful nature reserves (Hula Lake, Mt. Meron, Nahal Kziv and many more); Jewish holy sites, such as the graves of the sages and ancient synagogues (in Safed and Tiberias); and Christian holy sites that are visited by many pilgrims during their tour of the Holy Land (Nazareth, Kfar Nahum, the Jordan River and Lake Kinneret).

The large selection of attractions, natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes are what make the Galilee so unique.

HI hostels in Galilee:
Tel –Hai YH
Shlomi YH
Pkiin YH
Karei-Deshe YH

Tel-Hai Youth Hostel

Tel-Hai Youth Hostel

Tel-Hai Youth Hostel room

Tel-Hai Youth Hostel room

Shlomi Youth Hostel

Shlomi Youth Hostel

Pkiin Youth Hostel

Pkiin Youth Hostel

Pkiin YH room

Pkiin Youth Hostel room

Karei-Deshe Youth Hostel

Karei-Deshe Youth Hostel

Karei Deshe Youth Hostel front

Karei-Deshe Youth Hostel

Karei-Deshe YH - lobby

Karei-Deshe YH lobby

Karei-Deshe YH room

Karei-Deshe double room

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is often referred to as “the city that never stops”.

It was the first modern Jewish city built in Israel and forms the country’s economic and cultural center.

The city has more than 20 museums and hosts the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and the Israeli Opera Company, as well as most of the national dance and theatre companies.

It is a lively city with great entertainment, culture and many festivals throughout the year. Tourists can also relax on the beachfront of Tel Aviv which has bathing beaches and a romantic waterfront promenade.

HI hostels in Tel Aviv


The many natural, historic, archeological, social and cultural sites all over Jerusalem make it an ideal destination for tours.

There are paths for hikers, roads for cars and bicycles and areas that can be reached with all-terrain vehicles. You can crawl through hidden tunnels, wade in the spring pools, pick sweet fruit in season, go horseback riding and take a tour of the hilltops with their magnificent views.

HI hostels in Jerusalem


Jerusalem Old Town

The Dead Sea

Dead Sea

Dead Sea

The amazing landscape and the therapeutic air and mud will leave you feeling relaxed and revitalized!

The salt and minerals within this world-famous body of water provide the perfect environment for those who want to treat their body and mind.

As well as a haven for relaxation, visitors can also enjoy a wealth of attractions including national parks and nature reserves with plenty of activities from jeep tours to camel riding.

HI Hostels in The Dead Sea:
Ein-Gedy Y.H
Masada Y.H

Masada Youth Hostel

Masada Youth Hostel

Masada Area

Fantastic hiking area (Masada area)


Over the years, the city of Eilat has become the ultimate resort with city beaches packed with thousands of Israeli vacationers and tourists from around the world, who come to relax in the country’s southernmost area.
The bay is one of the major attractions, thanks to beautiful beaches, water sports and some of the best diving spots in the world. In the south of the city lies the Coral Reserve, with splendid tropical fish among the reefs. Within the precincts of the reserve is the Underwater Observatory, with a marine museum that displays collections of fascinating sea animals. Not far from the observatory is the Dolphin Reef with its resident school of dolphins.

Eilat - dolphins

Swim with dolphins in Eilat

The Arava region north of the city and the Eilat Mountains are arid desert land. However, in between the exposed mountains, there are many nature and beauty spots as well as archaeological and historical sites, which make Eilat a good starting point for special trips in the area, such as camel treks, jeep tours and more.

HI Hostels in Eilat:
Eilat Y.H


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