"Having travelled to all seven continents, I know that there are hostels and there are hostels and one of the very best must be the Omladinski...

After the breakfast on Saturday morning we wanted to start complete our task and find the first person to answer our short list of questions.

During past few weeks Petrinjska street, in which Youth Hostel Zagreb is situated, has been unedr construction. After the reconstruction that...

During the summer time there are many streets in downtown Zagreb under reconstruction. The downtown street of Petrinjska where our Youth Hostel...

Big cities are great, but for more authentic picture of a country, you have to visit it's countryside!

Visit to one lovely family farm near...

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The Big Blog Exchange: We are looking for 16 passionate and adventurous bloggers

Are you a blogger? Have you ever thought about swapping lives, places, cultures and BLOGS with someone across the globe? We’re offering a unique, once in a lifetime chance to do just this.

With over 170 million of them on the web at the moment, there is no doubt about the fact that blogs are fast becoming a popular news source, a place for everyday inspiration and a social hub. But we want to take the power of blogs that one step further. What if we could change the world using the power of blogs?

Whether you blog about politics, global warming, travel, fashion, beauty or even cupcakes, we are looking for passionate, adventurous and talented bloggers around the world to take part in the first ever Big Blog Exchange.

Originating in 1932, Hostelling International has 80 years’ experience in ensuring global interaction, especially amongst the younger generation – however, we are now looking to modernise this worldwide community by inviting 16 bloggers to take part in a unique exchange, which takes place both online and in real life. For ten days simultaneously (7th June – 17th June 2013), the selected bloggers will take part in the opportunity of a lifetime, swapping lives, places and blogs with another talented blogger.

The Big Blog Exchange’s teaser site launches on 4th February 2013, giving those interested in the project a chance to get a sneak preview of what is to come, in addition to information about getting involved. The trailer for the exchange will also be hosted on the brand new site, giving an insight into what the opportunity entails.

Not only will this be a great chance for bloggers to interact with other like-minded writers from all over the world, but it will also push your blog, your content and your talent into the limelight, giving it worldwide recognition. Selected bloggers will be flown across the globe, to their exchange destination, travelling around the area and experiencing it in an authentic, exciting way.

So, whether you’ve just set up your blog. Or whether it’s been around for ten years. If you have one million readers, or just the one. We are searching for the world’s most passionate bloggers, to help us change the world, using the power of YOUR blogs.

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