Hostelite in our hostels

HI THERE, WE ARE USING HOSTELITE app in all our hostels!
Check in, see what's up, and chat with other guests in our hostels.

Hostelite is the in-hostel social network. Find out what's happening right here, right now.

Guests have opportunity to recieve latest news from hostel staff, meet new people and connect with them with only one message.

  • Meet people in your hostel

    Don't want to have dinner alone? Meet people staying in your hostel tonight. Maybe you'll find someone to join you for the next leg of your trip.

  • NO Login Needed

    You don't have to enter your email address, connect your Facebook account, or give up any private information. Just check in and go.

  • Private

    Chat with people in your hostel - no one else has access. Check in when you arrive, and unlock a pass for the night.

  • Safe & Secure

    Is someone bothering you? Block them with one tap, and you'll never have to see them again.

  • Hostel staff

    You can contact hostel staff with Hostelite app. 0-24.

You've decided to travel and connect with people?

Download the application for free !

For further information please visit our hostel receptions.

Have a nice time in all Croatian youth hostels!

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