Travel, enjoy and get hostel benefits with MasterCard!
MasterCard continues cooperation with the Croatian Youth Hostel Association and provides discounts and surprises to its customers

It is always good time to go on a trip or to plan a trip in the near future. As the nature awakens, so awakens the desire of travelers to discover new cities, attractions and special places and meet new people.

In this adventure do not forget your MasterCard card that will bring you a variety of benefits in cooperation with the Croatian Youth Hostel Association.

Search for the hostels of Croatian Youth Hostel Association in Zagreb, Zadar, Rijeka, Pula, Veli Lošinj and Dubrovnik, reserve your stay and pay with MasterCard.

Croatian Youth Hostel Association is providing 50% discount on the annual European Youth Card i Hostelling International membership fee and one of the additional free benefits that apply to the Youth Hostel Zagreb, Youth Hostel Rijeka, Youth Hostel Pula, Youth Hostel Veli Losinj, Youth Hostel Zadar and Youth Hostel Dubrovnik.

Additional free benefits:

- late check-out

- welcome gift

- 5% discount on overnight stay

- free air condition

- 10% discount on sports equipment rental

Select one of the benefits you like and do not forget to bring along your MasterCard! Offer is valid only in before mentioned hostels till the end of 2016.

Booking of the accommodation is only the first step in trip organization. The real adventure starts only when you select a destination and a hostel!


If you spend holidays in your own country or abroad, these useful tips can help that your journey goes smoothly and that your finances are safe.

1 Be prepared

Make a list of cards and account numbers that you plan to take with you. Enter the card number in the phone, in case you have to block the card.

2 Remember your PIN

Never write a PIN on paper. If you want to keep it in the cell phone use one of the PIN keeper applications.

3 Caution at ATM's

At ATMs protect your PIN from prying eyes.

4 Use cards benefits

Familiarize yourself with the additional services and insurance offered by your card. There are travel insurances and insurances against accidents and various entertainment offers. Check with your bank or financial institution.      

5 Keep your cell phones away from cards

Keep your cards away from GSM devices.

6 Try out new payment methods

Try contactless payments especially for amounts below HRK 100 for which you do have to sing slip or enter PIN - fast, easy, safe and perfect for the holidays.

7 Check if everything is in order

Check the bank statements and report all unauthorized charges within 30 days. on the number from the back of the card. If something looks suspicious, call your bank or financial institution on the number from the back of the card.

8 Keep receipts

Keep receipts of card purchases in order to check the bank statements and charged amounts after returning from the trip.

9 Always with you

Do not leave cards in your car.

10 Find out more

Follow us on MasterCard Facebook page and find out what summer has to offer.

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