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Our youth projects are focused on promoting the values of youth hostelling and personal growth of young generations from Croatia and abroad. Our methods are non-formal education mostly organized in youth hostels providing opportunities to foster friendship among young people and developing their skills and particularly knowledge and, consequently, their understanding and respect of others, other cultures and the world around them.

We are putting lots of efforts in recruiting and working with volunteers giving them a great chance to gain important work experience and contribute to their society and thus enrich their lives and broaden their horizons. Therefore in every project we organize we directly involve young volunteers.  Our constant programme  with young volunteers relates to the production of our media products, our youth & travel magazine "Hosteler", our web pages and our newsletter. This programme is undertaken under our MediaLab platform and many established journalists have had the opportunity to develop their writing and editing skills in our MediaLab.

In recent years we have focused our projects on creating educational programmes dedicated to schools.
All our projects are performed in partnership with other organisations, mostly non-governmental organisations.

We are open to any initiatives and international projects aiming the benefit of young people and increasing their understanding and respect towards others and towards cultural and natural heritage and its preservation. So far we have participated as partners in several international projects.

Our main partners from the public sector are the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Science, Education and Sports and Ministry of Family, Veterans' Affair and Intergenerational Solidarity of the Republic of Croatia. They are, so far, our biggest donors.
If you share our ideas and believes that travelling and youth hostelling changes the lives of young people for better, you are most welcome to give us your support and donations.

For any questions and detailed information about supporting our work feel free to contact us:

Croatian Youth Hostel Association
Savska 5/1
HR – 10 000 Zagreb
Tel. +385(0)1 48 29 291; 48 29 294; 48 29 296
Fax. +385(0)1/ 48 70 477

Your contributions and donations will be used for: 

•   investment projects in our youth hostels in order to increase the facilities, standards and services in youth hostels (opening new accessible rooms for disabled young people and travellers in particularly)

•   purchasing the necessary equipment for our seminar rooms enabling better working conditions for school groups and NGOs while using our youth hostel in their working and educational activities

•   direct support in implementing youth projects (our non-formal educational activities, trainings, sports and cultural activities)

•   producing promotional and info materials used to introduce more young people and their parents with youth hostelling values, affordable and safe travel and opportunities to take part in youth related projects, both national and international.

CYHA would like to thank all partners and donors and those who will join us in our work to make this world a better place for young people!

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