Interview: Tiago Testa
Young brazilian bloger visited Zagreb during his trip in Europe. We caught up with him and had a chat while taking a walk around city
By Matija Polančec

CYHA – Can you tell me something about yourself? How did you come to idea to visit Europe and city of Zagreb?

TT – My name is Thiago Testa from Brazil, Sao Paolo, 25 years old and I work with social media in Brazil, specialisation in field of marketing (I also graduated marketing on university in Brazil) and I came to Croatia as a part of project funded by EU commission. National agency in Brazil got financing to promote Europe and it's touristic destinations so they created a blog. Agency contracted young people to travel and make blogs on travelling in order to expand choice of destinations for young Brazilians. Young people from Brazil often travel and Europe, as well as Croatia, is perfect destination for them.

CYHA – What cities in Europe have you visited on this trip?

TT– First I went to Bruxelles in Belgium.Then I went to Holland, Amsterdam. After that I visited Warsaw in Poland, after Warsaw I stayed in Budapest, Hungary and now I'm here in Zagreb after 7 hours of train ride from Budapest.

CYHA – Where did you stay during your trip? Did you sleep in hotels or somewhere else?

TT – During this entire trip I stayed only in hostels of Hostelling International. I like them much better than hostels. All of hostels that I have slept in on this trip were amazing. Some of them are even better than 3 star hotels. All of them were perfect.

CYHA – What do you do when you come in certain city?  What are your goals on this trip? What are you looking for?

TT– Every time when I come to a new city I like to get as much information as I can. I like to learn everything about the history of specific place. About events and historical background that shaped the country as well as present situation. That gives me better understanding of places that I visit.

CYHA – What is the response that you get from your readers? How do they react to all this information on European destinations that you provide for them? Do you think they are also interested to visit Europe and Croatia?

TT -  A lot of young people (my readers) also do a lot of travelling, a lot of backpacking. It's very common to see groups of young people from Brazil that have backpacks and travel around Europe. And there are even more young people that plan to do that in near future. It is something that is an adventure for them. For a lot of young people it's expensive to go travelling for a long time but when they use discount cards or when they travel by train and sleep in hostels or use couchsurfer  it's affordable for them to visit locations in Europe.

For most of young people, regardless if they are from Brazil or somewhere else, it's important they they experience backpacking around Europe-Australia-Asia and anywhere else in the world. For them it's the only opportunity to go to distant places and meet new cultures. Sometime they meet new friends that give them ides what to visit next.

CYHA – During your trip you visited few cities in Europe. All of these cities are bigger and more famous than Zagreb. What would you say what interested you in Zagreb? What have you seen here that you will write on your blog?

TT – Zagreb is very adorable city. I like the weather because during my stay in Zagreb it was warmer than in other cities. I think that Zagreb is very cosy city, it's small but gives a lot of opportunites to have fun. It's very accessible for young backpackers, everything is close to city center so I didn't have to walk far. You have a lot of museums here, and a lot of historical buildings with nice architecture. I would like to come back to Croatia and discover more about your country. During this trip I stayed only for 2 days in Zagreb but I would like to come back and see more of the city but also go to the Adriatic coast because I heard that the islands are beautiful...of course I plan to come back during summer.

CYHA – Do you have any advice for young travelers?

TT – Yes. I would advise them to look for more information about the destination. Night clubs and bars are not the only thing certain city has to offer. It's also very important to learn about the past events and historical background because that gives you better understanding of places that you visit. To know the history of a place makes you understand better it's inhabitants. It's important also to visit musemus like the one I visited today (Museum of broken relationships). I would reccommend to visit parks in Zagreb because they are amazing and to see old city (Gornji grad).

It was nice to visit Zagreb and to meet local people. I hope that I will come back sometime in future and enoy this city again.

 If you would like to know more about Thiago and his trip watch this video or check out his blog.

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