Interviews with our YH Rijeka guests
Within our youth project Little School of Hostelling participants were given the task to make short interviews with the guests of our Youth Hostel Rijeka. Read what information they collected
By Ivana & Mia

After the breakfast on Saturday morning we wanted to start complete our task and find the first person to answer our short list of questions.
We approached a young guy, Marko (24) from Croatia, who was enjoying his time reading his book on the hostel terrace. After a few introducing sentences we already forgot that we are actually on a mission and just enjoyed our conversation with Marko.

Still, we did find out some interesting things.

CYHA: Why are you in Rijeka?

M: Well, it is quite crowded now in Zagreb as the Pope is visiting our Capital city. So, my friend and I agreed to take a short trip and rest and also enjoy some swimming in the sea. I left Zagreb earlier and before going to Pula to meet there with my friend, I decided to visit Rijeka. We both took Monday off at work so ahead of us is a nice prolonged weekend.

CYHA: Are you planning to stay in a hostel in Pula?
M: To be honest, we didn't plan to stay in the hostel in Pula. Actually, this is the first time I am staying in this hostel in Rijeka. And it is really great. The rooms are excellent and I am fascinated with the hostel staff. Very friendly and welcoming. After this experience, I will recommend my friend to stay in the hostel in Pula as well.

CYHA: Haven't you stayed in a hostel before?
M: I did stay in hostels before but not in Croatia. It's great to know that there is such a nice hostel here in Rijeka.

CYHA: How did you find out about the Youth Hostel Rijeka?
M: I asked a bunch of young people at the railway station to recommend me a nice and affordable place in Rijeka. They suggested this hostel. The girls at the reception informed me about other hostels on the coast and I will start making plans for my summer holiday. I still have some hours before meeting with a friend. Can you recommend me a nice beach here?

The interview went to another direction. We exchanged contacts with Marko. One interview and one new friend. We actually started to enjoy this task.    

In the evening, after taking a shower and preparing ourselves for going out in the city we were approached by a young girl asking us how to reach the center of town by public bus. This was easy, the bus station is just in front of the hostel. Having some time, we used this opportunity to start the conversation with the 22 years old Keely from Canada.
We were very curious to find out what is such a young girl doing alone on a trip.

K: I am a student and my lectures are finished. I have a couple of friends in Europe so I decided to visit them and to travel a bit around Europe this month.

CYHA: How long are you already in Croatia?
K: I just arrived a few days ago, I stayed in Zagreb, sleeping in my friend’s house. He suggested me to visit Rijeka.

CYHA: What do you think about Rijeka?
K: So far, I just saw part of the city center. Still need to investigate this area.

CYHA: What about this youth hostel?
K: The hostel is very pleasant and nice. And it is very clean. I was also surprised how good the food is here. So far, I had only bad experiences with the food in hostels.

CYHA: Do you usually stay in hostels while travelling?
K: Actually yes. Mostly I travel alone so I like to sleep in safe, affordable and clean places and at the same time meeting new people. On all my travels I met a lot of very interesting people. In a couple of days I am meeting a friend I met on one of my previous travels.

CYHA: Well, you say you still haven't seen the city except a small part. Will you join us and come to the city with us? We are planning to go to a concert.
K: Great! Of course I will!

An interview led to a great night out in Rijeka and we were happy to realise how easy it is to make new friendship in the hostel.

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